13 August 2010

A Day In The Country

My sister and I spent the afternoon yesterday at the Freelton Antique Mall.  It's a barn size building with row upon row of individually rented booths hawking seemingly endless amounts of china, glassware, collectibles, toys and books.  We spent three hours wondering the aisles.  At times it felt more like visiting a museum than shopping.  At the end of the visit, we emerged parched and stunned from sensory overload and proceeded directly to the nearest cafe for a sit-down.
The view from the second floor.
My sister is surrounded and loving it.
Obviously, all the cool guys hang here.
Sadly, there was very little in the way of knitting this visit, just a few magazines of no interest and a broken swift.  My only purchase was these beautiful buttons acquired for under ten dollars total.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

What a neat shop!

Marin (AntiM) said...

That's brilliant! I never thought of looking for buttons at an antique shop. Such cool buttons, too!