30 July 2010


The Daughter and I went for a mini-holiday yesterday.  Sadly, I can't afford to take her away this summer, so we booked a day at the Elmwood Spa instead.  We started our day with a swim and the hot tub then headed off for our first facials.  Facials are pleasant but weird!  Then there was a beautiful three course lunch in their elegant dining room.  It's so comfortable eating in a spa robe. La de da.

The day ended with mother /daughter pedicures. The foot massage was heavenly and my toes have never looked so good. Finally I have nice feet on which to wear all my pretty hand knit socks.

20 July 2010

The Socks of Happiness

Pattern:  Kabuki from Knitted Socks East and West by Judy Sumner
Yarn:  Boot Sock Handpaints by Stoddart Family Farm
Modifications:  One half extra pattern repeat for more length.  In retrospect, I wish I had done an extra row or two of the pattern.  Stopping where I did left an open work piece just at the top of the gusset  shaping "vee".  I think this makes for a weak spot there.  Next time

I'm in love with this yarn.  The colour fills me with joy and the feel of it is rich and delicious.  I need to get more.  This stuff is too beautiful to hide under boots.  This vendor sells at Wychwood Barns Farmer's Market once a month or so. I subscribe to their e-newsletter so next time I hear they're heading to Toronto, I'm going to buy more of their wonderful yarn.  I want to make a beret from this. 

15 July 2010

New Knitty. Hurray!

So, the early fall Knitty came out this week.  What's your favourite pattern?  I'm definitely loving Milly by Linden Heflin.  How inspired is a mannish sweater vest with a lace back?  Wonder if I could manage the tailoring?
Another cool thing is the Yarn Roundtable article.  There are, not one, but two! of my quotes included. I won't bother saying which ones as they're not terribly insightful or clever.  I just find it cool that I get to contribute.

11 July 2010

The Answer is VERY, VERY!

The question is "How much do I love the way this yarn knits up?" At the seeming speed of light, this Stoddart Family Farm yarn is becoming Kabuki from Knitted Socks East and West.  Sock #1, slightly pictured as modeled by my foot on the left, took only a day and a half! Can you see the halo that's already forming over the stitches?  You would think that the mohair content would make the yarn scratchy and stiff. wouldn't you?  Well, that's not the case.  It's quite spongy actually.  Now, this is their Boot Sock, so it's thicker than your average sock yarn. It's described as DK but I think it may be slightly heavier.  These will be very warm socks indeed.
I had fun entering this project on Ravelry. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Stoddart yarn is not on the database. So naturally, I added it. It took a minute to figure out how, but after reading the Help file, it was easy. Now, when you click on the yarn's link, you see my photos! How cool is that? Very, Very.

06 July 2010

Six Month Astrological Check In - Gemini

Now, write the following questions on a slip of paper that you will leave taped to your mirror for the next six months.  "1.  How can I get closer to making my job and my vocation be the same thing?  2.  What am I doing to become an even more robust and confident version of myself?"

01 July 2010

Thank Goodness for Nineties Vogue Patterns

My cute cropped summer cardi is finally done.  Well, I may need to change the button position but I consider that to be tweaking. This was one of those projects that started off great, then hit the boredom wall.  It languished for a bit until I decided I liked it again. Then the finishing just flew.  So many knitters complain about the seaming but truthfully?  It's one of my favourite parts.  I love to sit, as I did last night, at my dining room table with the radio on, humming along and making invisible seams.
Look how happy it makes me. 

Lucy doesn't appear to like it as much as I do.  It's made her all blurry