27 June 2010

Yarn On A Garden Tour

I've gone over to the Tanis side.  Tanis Fiber Arts seems to be everywhere lately.  It's spread throughout the blogoshpere and was one of the most popular booths at the Frolic.  Then, I was gifted a skein by Debi for my birthday.  So the other night, at The Purl, I just felt compelled to support local business by purchasing another. 
Today, my new yarn went for a stroll in the garden.  Good thing they went early before the skies opened up washing away much of  the city, though not unfortunately, the G20 fences. That's the Teal and Stormy colourways admiring the purple flowers and checking out the huge tomatoes.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Glad you're a Tanis convert. I absolutely ADORE her stuff. She's local to me, and I've featured her yarn in my sock club as well a few times.

Any ideas what you are going to make with it?

Yvette said...

I. considering a second Damson in the Stormy gray tones would be lovely.