25 June 2010

Tasting The Yarn

Last night's Knitty Roundtable (aka Yarn Tasting) at The Purple Purl was, as usual, a success.  It was a full house of knitters happily knitting their way around the five stations, testing out five very different yarn samples.  In the Knitty spirit of no ill will, I won't tell which of the five I really disliked.  I'll just say that my least favourite seemed to be one that everyone else liked.  That's often the way at these events (this is my third time attending).  I guess I just have weird taste. I'm OK with that.  I will however, say this:
"Ah, Regia.  We've been apart too long.  I'd almost forgotten the joy of your self striping goodness.  Let's make plans to spend some quality time together real soon."
OK.  Why Does Jen look so perplexed as she watches Amy draw for the prizes?  Does she disapprove of prizes or is she just cranky that, as event co-host, she's not eligible to win?
Well, I like prizes and I won one. Yay! This beautiful book came home with me.  To be honest, it's not the type of book I'd be likely to buy, so winning it makes it more special.  It's full of accessories I never knit, like cushion covers and bags.  They're gorgeous items, beautifully designed and crafted.  I just don't make them.  But the Cabled Beret?  The 1965 Arm Warmers?  Mine, mine, mine. Those socks on the cover are in the queue as well.
I don't know about you but whenever I look at knitting books published by STC Craft I feel driven somehow. The styling is so lovely, the models so fresh and urban.  One feels that if one just knits those gloves or that pair of socks, life will be as pleasant as that girl's seems to be.  Of course, that's the aim of the publisher and I'm completely aware that I'm being manipulated.  I just don't care.  They do it so very, very well.

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

I love Veronik's new book. I have to wait until mine comes from Chapters in the mail. Once I get it, I'm marching over to Vero's new place (she moved not even 10 minutes from my house!) and get her to sign it!

So jealous you get to go to the round tables. I've heard so much about it.

I'm trying to get down to TO for a few days closer to the end of the summer...!