21 June 2010


Today was spice cupboard sort and clean day.  Woot!  I tell ya, the fun never ends here.  Actually, I like doing this.  It's a job that appeals to the categorizing mania side of me.  You know what I mean - all you people who photograph and catalogue your entire stash on Ravelry.  You know who you are.

Out come all those grubby, half full jars for a wipe down and a refill.  Torn labels get repaired. Inventory gets taken.  Then the cupboard get a thorough scrub down before everything goes back. Nice and shiny.  Very satisfying.  Tomorrow, I'm off to the bulk store to fill my shopping list.

One advantage to having a grasp on the spice cupboard is that it made it easier to prepare this evening's dinner: Lobhia aur khumbi or Black-eyed Beans with Mushrooms from Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery.  It's served with yoghurt cucumber relish. Mmm...sublime.

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kokopuff said...

Is that a gauntlet I see before me??? ;)