03 May 2010

Progressing In Some Direction Or Other

Being partially unemployed these days, I'm trying to use all this "free" time wisely.  I'm starting a computer class this week.  I'm doing odd jobs around the apartment.  Next week, I'll paint The Daughter's room.
Another project I promised myself was to get my body back in shape.  To that end, I've been working out more often and more vigorously over the last while.  This is not a chore as it's something I actually enjoy.  Also, the arrival of spring means the bike is tuned up and back in use. Guess what?  I'm actually seeing results.  There is improved muscle definition, particularly in my upper arms, my abs and my quadriceps.
The paradox?  All this extra time and increased anxiety about money and my future, means I am doing A LOT of emotional eating.  So, despite the exercise, I'm continuing to gain weight.  Some nights I feel so crappy and scared and rather than drink a bottle of wine, which is my first instinct, I eat a bag of  chips or forty seven rice crackers with cheese.  Honestly, if  I drank the wine, I'd end up eating the junk food anyway, so I just skip that step and avoid the hangover.  This is a healthy choice, right?  There is a new layer of fat over my  improved muscles.  All my clothes are too tight on me or don't fit at all.  At this rate, I am going to be the most muscular fat person around.

A positive area of productivity is the knitting.  I completed some dolly dresses this weekend as a relaxation project and am chugging along on a pair of socks.  Also, the new cardi is knitting up nicely.  The Linen Jeans yarn makes beautiful stitch definition.  However, being a linen tape, when it twists, it rather irritates the fingers. The colour is a little more blue than in this photo.  I think it will suit the summer top pattern beautifully.

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knitterbeader said...

Here's wishing you luck in finding more employment (assuming that's what you want). Really like the stitch definition on your cardi. What needles do you use, since you commented Addi's are too slippery (others say the same thing), but I don't have that problem. Wierd, huh?