28 May 2010

Plain Brown Ribbing

Yes, they're plain and they're brown.  Yet, oh so squishy and purdy.  Love them.  They make me crave a malted.  The Indigo Moon is a joy.  I know that you can buy this yarn, which originates on Gabriola Island BC, here in Ontario now. The Purl carries it.  Still, the fact that I bought it on a trip to Victoria BC makes it feel more special to me. Buy Local.  Woot.

These socks, although simple, took quite a while to finish because: 
A) I'm knitting a few simultaneous projects right now, and 
B) my ongoing heel flap brain cramp means I ripped a lot.

As I mentioned on Ravelry, I decided on the 3 x 1 rib after seeing Glenna's gorgeous Socks That Rock in that stitch.  As Glenna is a Knitting Goddess, her effort is so much more tidy than mine. However, it is nice to have something to which to aspire. 
Now, I'm trying to decide on my next sock.  I've got a plan for longer socks with my Frolic score.  I'm also flirting with the idea of toe-up.  Ooh.  Scary.


lugirl said...

Beautiful work! The simplicity of the rib is very appealing. Less is more as the saying goes. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hey, your ribbed socks look great! Maybe I need to start a new pair myself...