31 May 2010


So, I painted my living room last week.  
Two years ago, when I moved in, I painted the anchor wall a beautiful deep red and the surrounding walls a shade of what I thought was a neutral beige.  Well that beige reflects pinkish brown tones in certain lights and looks too dreary in spring and summer. It's been driving me nuts and I've been meaning to change it for a while. So I chose a nice golden toned off-white to replace it. Sounds like a good choice right?  Well, this colour is mysteriously reading as a puke toned green in the evening light. It's even worse than before! It has to go.

Geez.  You'd think a knitter would have better colour sense. Today I'm headed back to the store to get plain old white.  Let the chips, or in this case, the reflected light tones, fall where they may.

On a "brighter" note (Get it?), here is a picture of the lovely bouquet The Daughter presented to me on Mother's Day.

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