01 April 2010

Too Sick to Knit

I'm home sick today with a terrible cold.  It's the cough, runny nose, watery eyes, extremely sore joints, type of cold.  Sleep last night was near impossible.  
Today, my hands are much too sore to knit. So, I've spent the morning hauling out a bunch of old projects and updating my Ravelry pages.  To that end, I've been fooling around with the camera and have finally figured out how to set the timer so I can photograph myself.  The process resulted in this:

It's not the best photo of the Tzarina Wrap from Wrap Style, but I quite like the way the mid-morning sun is coming through the window.  Note the purposeful turning away of the face to hide the red nose and general scariness of my feverish visage.

Here are a couple more oldies.  There's a tank top from 2005 that I still wear today and Gillian Moreno's ruffled scarf from Knitty Fall 2003.

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