11 April 2010

Hairspray Knitting

I bought a 1963 McCall's Needlework and Crafts at a second hand store the other day.    If something is truly gorgeous, then it remains so for all time.  The silhouette of these fashions is stunning - one of my favourite periods.  OK, the gold colour doesn't do it for me, but just look at the shape of those cardigans.  The collars are almost as bad ass as the womens' hair styles.  These models make my heart rate increase with their overt fabulousness. I wish I was as cool as the brunette.  She knows what's going on.
Below is the ad on the back cover.  I love everything about this.  The sweater, the pose, the beautiful fresh colouring of the model.  I want to introduce her to my imaginary big brother so she can marry him and then be my best friend.

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