29 March 2010

"Europe" or "Buying The Kid's Love"

Here are few of the 400 photos taken by The Daughter on her school trip.  It was a ten day package that included, among others, Paris, Versailles, Monaco, Florence and Rome.  The brochure came home with her last year and my first reaction was to say, 
"No.  It's too expensive."  
Then, second thoughts prevailed.  Why shouldn't she have this experience?  I certainly will never be able to afford to take her.  So, the money was withdrawn from the savings and off she went for March Break 2010.  We called it a sixteenth birthday present.  
She had a wonderful time, despite weird toilets, radiator leaks in Rome hotels and horrible "vegetarian" meal plans.  I received emails from internet cafes in Paris and Nice which thrilled me to bits, as well as an Eiffel Tower key chain upon her return  It gives me almost unreasonable pleasure to have been able to do this for her.


not an artist said...

Aww! You're an awesome mom :) Glad to hear she had a great trip, too.

Sherrill said...

That is so fantastic that she was able to go. Even better that you let her. I was always so nervous about the kids wanting to go abroad...esp. in times like these.

Besides, I am always cash poor since I pay for their college.

I'm happy she got to have such a great experience.