11 February 2010

Twigs It Is

OK.  The survey results, all four of them, are in.  My cabled cardigan will be Twigs and Leaves.  After much thought, I've pin-pointed my hesitation toward this pattern.  It's the funky reverse stocking stitch that trims the sleeves, bottom edge and closure edge.  With all due love to Robin Melanson, it looks sloppy and unfinished to me.  You all know how I feel about rolling.  So I'll do either garter stich or seed stitch instead, probably the former.

Dare I call this my Olympic project?  Sixteen days you say?

I've been sick as a dog since yesterday.  Too sick to knit even!  Living in the bathroom.  I had to cancel a long shift at work which cheeses me off no end! My joints are killing me so I've not yet had the opportunity to swatch.

I'm feeling a bit better today so let's say that if I get a swatch done, and if I complete The Daughter birthday celebration prep tomorrow, and if I can even drag myself down to the Drunken Knitters opening ceremonies at The Duke of York, then maybe I'll be ambitious and call this an Olympic project.  Ha!

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