25 February 2010

Such A Pretty Day. Such A Pretty Girl.

I went for one of my favourite walks in High Park today.  Along this path, up the hill to the off leash area (where I made friends with a goofy Labrador), then on to the Grenadier restaurant for coffee.  In honour of it being a Good Hair Day, attempts were made during this walk to photograph myself.  Not entirely successful attempts. 
Upon the Good Hair is the alpaca Meret.  Technically, it belongs to The Daughter and I didn't ask to borrow it, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her.  Besides, I've been wearing slouchy berets since long before the kids decided they were in fashion and I will continue to wear them long after.  'Cause, dammit, I make them look good.


Heddy said...

whhooo - hooo ! you look great! Very good hair day, very nice beret!

5elementknitr said...

Your hair is gorgeous!