05 February 2010

Help. I Can't Decide

I really want to get going with this tweed yarn.  I bought it over a year ago to knit a cabled cardi.  The problem is I can't decide on a pattern!  It's down to four:  Twigs & Leaves Robin Melanson, Cabled Cardigan #10 Mari Lynn Patrick, Cabled Jacket #13 Jennie Atkinson, and Forestry Veronik Avery.

I quite like Robin's jacket but was thinking I should try something more formal. Then again, would I really wear something more formal?  My favourite cables are on the Patrick cardigan but I find the shape boxy. I'd definitely make it much shorter if this was the choice.The Atkinson jacket is probably too formal but some Ravellers have done lovely things with it. I hear the instructions for Forestry are very difficult to follow so I'm not leaning toward it though it was my original choice way back when.
What do you think? Any preferences?


Sherrill said...

I love Veronik Avery's patterns! Yes, I'm being bias!

Heddy said...

I like Twigs and leaves, and the Forestry cardigans best ... not sure what the shape of the Forestry will be without a belt ... but it is pretty! Twigs and Leaves looks very versatile - Jeans or dressy for work.

I like that tweed yarn - the colour is very you.

kokopuff said...

I'm for Twigs and Leaves! I think it would look smashing in that red. You're right about the Patrick cardigan being too boxy. The other two are nice but they don't call to me in this tweedy yarn. Robin always has an eye for detail in her patterns so I am sure it would be beautiful.

sarah said...

I vote for the first one! so pretty!