27 February 2010


I am captivated by short track speed skating. I love the drama, the feeling that anything could happen at any moment. The men's gold medal tonight in the relay was SO exciting.

I particularly love the beautiful French Canadian names of our skating stars: St. Gelais, Vincent, Roberge, Hamelin and especially Francois-Louis Tremblay. I was speaking with a very young, very gay co-worker the other day of the gorgeousness of the Canadian short track boys and he said, "Until they open their mouths.",  meaning that he thinks their voices are ugly. No way. The beautiful gruffness, the rolling r's, the TR's! Just like my crazy Grandpere Irenee. He called us French Canadien Peas and my Grandmere Aurore, my namesake, called us all Stupide! with her smoke dangling from the corner of her mouth. They never skated but I feel the same spirit and toughness in those strong, sexy French skaters (the boys and the girls). It makes me smile!

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