05 January 2010

Socks is the Password

2010 is all abouts sock so far. I recently picked up this beautiful book, Knitted Socks East and West, using a bookstore gift card. Love it! The photography is gorgeous. How can socks look so luxurious? I guess it helps that the settings are all warm and homey looking and the models are wearing lovely, natural fibre clothes with their socks. Those feet sure look happy in those photos.
I've cast on the cover pair. They're meant as pedicure socks but I'll be doing a toe. The pattern calls for a yarn with a touch of elastic so I'm using my Elann Esprit with which I have had sock success before. They're such a fun and fast knit. I cast on just yesterday and am already turning the heel on sock number one.

What a difference from the socks below. I lovingly refer to them as The Noro Socks of Pain. They took six months to complete! The yarn is so difficult to work with, it catches on itself and is often over spun. I'm not even going to start on the hidden knot in the skein that caused that hard stripe in the foot of one sock. Also, the heel just wouldn't work for me. I ripped and re-knit it three times and it still looks merely passable. I never want to see these things again. Immediately after weaving in the ends, I tossed them in The Daughter's sock drawer. She has already worn them and declares she likes the hateful things. So, at least my work was not a waste.

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alt.ayu said...

I just got the book two months ago and loved it as well!! There are so many beautiful and unique patterns in there that I haven't decided what to cast on! :) I have the same colorway for your noro sock as well :)

Have a good 2010 ahead!!!