28 January 2010

More Socks

Pattern:  Fuji
Designer:  Judy Sumner from Knitted Socks East and West
Yarn:  Elann.com Esprit, 98.3% cotton 1.7% elastic
Modifications:  Deepened the heel flap by two rows and knitted toes on what is originally a pedicure sock pattern.  I also replaced all the SKPsso decreases with SSK's.

There are so many mistakes in these.  You can't see most of them without looking closely but I was definitely asleep at the wheel.  One row of cuff ribbing is seed stitch.  Many of the yarn overs are faked in because they were missed in their intended rows and many accidental yarn overs are knitted back into the next row.  These socks would never do as a gift but, as they are for me, I left the errors.

This is the second time I've used Esprit for socks.  I quite like results and it wears and wears.  Each time the elastic laden socks are washed, they spring back to a nice snug fit.

Lucy rules the roost.

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