19 January 2010

Knitting Anxiety

Does it ever happen to you?  You spend an hour (or four) cruising Ravelry and knitting blogs.  There are so many beautiful projects calling out to be knit.  I want to cast on at least ten different things right now.  I want to photograph my entire stash and categorize, label, sort.  There are knitted garments in my closet that pre-date my blog(!) which really should be photographed and posted.  There are baskets and baskets of yarn in my apartment.  All those lovely skeins taunt me with their beauty and want to become hats, gloves, sweaters!  I know I will not live long enough to knit all the patterns and all the yarn that I own.  Unbelievably, I REALLY want to go yarn shopping and buy more.  I'm experiencing heart palpitations!

Today is a day off for me.  I'm heading to the cafe where I will finish the toe on Fuji sock #2.

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