17 December 2009

In My World Hedgehogs Are Purple

Pattern: Smith by Ysolda

Purple, only because these two colours were the most appropriately sized scrap balls in the stash.

I finally buckled down last night and finished this. Unfortunately, the knitting gods blessed me with inspiration at about 11:30 pm so I was up until after one. No matter. One must follow one's Muse.
It's remarkable how finishing a project does wonders for the mood. I've been feeling like crap for days and this little toy has managed to lighten that somewhat. I'll take it.
See that cute little pointy nose? The last ten rows or so were executed on DPN's! Yes, me, the DPN hater and despiser was forced over to the dark side by the pointiness of Smith's nose. I'm pleased that I managed the cursed things so well and that the end result is sufficiently cute.


kokopuff said...

They are very cute!!!

Miss Scarlett said...

It's so cute!