01 December 2009

Embarassing Moment #137

OK. On Sunday evening, I'm sitting at my dining table doodling and listening to Randy's Vinyl Tap on CBC, This is a typical Sunday night at my happening place. Anyway, the theme of the show is keyboard and well into the second hour, Randy plays Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic as an example of blending of classical and pop. How cool is it that Randy Bachman - The Guess Who? BTO? Yes, that Randy Bachman - spins Barry Manilow on his radio program without irony or sarcasm? He just plays the record. The familiar opening Chopin chords send chills down my spine and I am transfixed to my radio. It's 1978 and I'm that girl, lying on the basement floor with my head between the speakers, listening to that song over and over again on my Barry Manilow Live album. I know it's schlocky but I actually believe in that kind of love. Someday, someone will feel that kind of passion for me, and sing "Come into my arms" to me. Baby, I want you now and hold on fast. I already feel all the joy and pain of that great love affair that I know, I know, will be mine.

Then of course tears are streaming down my face from the nostalgia of it all and then The Daughter walks in and rolls her eyes at me. She's used to this kind of behaviour from her crazy mother and walks right out again.

It's 30 years later and still no great passionate affair.
Fuck, it's a good song though.

Watch a clip HERE.


Miss Scarlett said...

I've never heard this song before...I'll follow the link.

I like vinyl tap -- I really like the CBC and recently when I referred to a program on it a man said to me: The CBC? I thought only grandparents and shut ins listened to that?


Happy to be in such fine company.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank God I am not alone in having waited for 30 years, so let´s hope some more, what else to do?