21 November 2009

Mail Call

My Whimsical Little Knits 2 arrived in the mail the other day. I pre-ordered the collection on spec several weeks ago. Ysolda Teague has a very clever system whereby you purchase the collection and then are sent weekly email links to download the patterns as they become available. For a few pounds more, you also receive the printed book at the end of the run. I chose the book option but began having doubts about the economy and environmental friendliness of ordering the hard copy as well.
As soon as I opened my package, all doubts disappeared. There's just something about holding the little paperback in my hands and flipping through the patterns. The colour quality of the photos is lovely. If you're like me, you read knitting pattern books for entertainment. After all, you can't bring pdf's on the morning streetcar ride.
My next queued project from the collection is Smith the Hedgehog. It will be a gift for my former babysitter. The girl, or I guess I should say woman, minded my child years ago and is now having her own baby. We all know time flies by but the fact is brought home more so when someone I think of still as a sweet, somewhat awkward teenager, is now a beautiful, self-possessed career woman expecting her first child. Wow.

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