14 November 2009

The Little Lost Shawl

Damson was literally off the blocking for about three hours when it went around the neck of The Daughter and out the door. That was two weeks ago and I haven't seen it since.
Hey Kid! Don't forget to bring it back when you return from Daddy's house!
This was a fast and fun knit. I particularly enjoyed knitting the final border and casting it off. So rhythmic. Ysolda Teague is fast becoming one of my favourite designers. She's mastering the whimsical (Hence her collection title "Whimsical Little Knits") and the feminine. I've already got another of her designs on the needles. It's a Christmas gift for The Daughter so I can't say anymore except that she'll not get it if I don't get my Damson back!

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kokopuff said...

Very pretty!