11 October 2009

Two Hikes Are Better Than One

I wanted to make a gift for a friend who lives up north. Way up North. What better than a scarf? The Irish Hiking Scarf has been lurking on my Wish-To-Do list for some time now. So, I cast on with a nice warm Lambs Pride Bulky and got this far when I was informed, in no uncertain terms, by several male co-workers, that no man would wear this shade of green. What? I think it's nice. Not too girlie. Is it? Doubt started to creep in so I cast on a second in this nice conservative Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran beige.
Isn't it interesting how different the pattern looks in the two yarns? The beige is definitely the neater cable of the two and will be the gift. A safe choice. Yet, don't be surprised to see this luscious green wrapped around my own neck this winter.

1 comment:

Sherrill said...

A perfect gift. I love this pattern.

Happy knitting.