05 October 2009

Ribbon Project

It's that time again! The annual Ribbon Project has begun. Unfortunately, I was tardy in getting to my email so missed the first two days. My journey began on Saturday, October 3 - Pink.
What approach to take? In 2007 I focused on finding small bits of beauty or whimsy in my generally unhappy surroundings (failing marriage, feelings of isolation brought on by depression, living in an ugly neighbourhood).
In 2008, my focus was still concentrated on noticing the pieces, albeit, under much happier circumstances. I continued my now habit of looking to see the little things around me - the things that give my heart a little lift.
This year, rather than looking at a scene from the outside, I'm more interested in being in the middle of the scene. I mulling lately the concept of how one moves through one's daily space. I don't just look at my daily landscapes, but move within them and participate in their creation. This is what I'll be exploring over 5 colours and 5 days.

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