25 October 2009

Autumn Sunday

It was such a stunning day here in Toronto. Autumn is in full swing. This is the tree outside my front window. Unfortunately, it like every other maple for the past ten years or so, has that black spot blight on the leaves. What is that anyway? Close up the leaves look scarred and ugly. Yet from afar, still glorious.
I "passed by" Lettuce Knit the other day on the way somewhere else. Naturally one can't just pass without stopping in for a hello. It was a $75.00 hello. I picked up some needles, the Holiday Vogue and this creamy Berroco Linen Jeans in a blue-grey. It was on sale, an excellent value. However, it strikes me that someone without a full time job shouldn't be impulse buying in this manner. My lack of restraint annoys me. I may have to stay out of yarn stores altogether.


Miss Scarlett said...

Yeah. I hate that.
I have the same impulse issue.

You did get some gorgeous yarn out of that impulse. Is it for the Twist cardi?

Yvette said...

No. That's the problem. It's not for anything. Into the stash it goes.

Wendy said...

I know! Lettuce Knit or really any yarn store is evil. Luring us with gorgeousness!