27 September 2009


The Knitter's Design Team
Knitter's Magazine Summer 2008
She's done! Well actually, this was done weeks ago. I was just waiting for a free sunny morning with my photographer, aka The Daughter.
I was initially disappointed with the final shape of the cardigan. It came out wider than I had envisioned and the sleeves are a bit batty. I should have made the armholes a little smaller. However, I showed it to a few other knitters and they gave their stamp of approval. I've worn it many times now and have warmed up to it considerably.
I knit to pattern specs in the medium size. The only modification I made was to make two button holes instead of one. I like the look of the more complete closure. Also, what an opportunity to use twice as many of my beautiful Goodwill vintage buttons.
Note. This is my first successful use of the three needle bind-off. That shoulder seam is true awesome skill.

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kokopuff said...

It looks lovely! Well done.