06 September 2009

Do We Love the New Knitty or What?

It's so bright! So clean! I got a happy feeling when the home page popped up on my screen. And yes, it is easier to navigate.
Of course, there are lovely patterns as always. Browsing through got my knitting juices flowing. Can't wait to cast on something new. Now that I'm semi-unemployed, (Did I mention I quit my job? A bold, foolish, glorious and possibly disastrous thing to do!) I'll have a spot of time to rest up and knit. My favourite project in the new issue is
Kernal. I've struggled in the past with beads but this scarf has just enough to make it challenging but not overwhelming. Definitely on my To Do list.

I wore these socks to work yesterday and it came to me that I had never blogged them properly. They're the Acorn Lace Socks by Fiber Trends. The yarn is FibraNatura Yummy. While, I'm not the biggest fan of %100 wool for socks, I just love this pot dyed colour. The blue changes up into so many shades of itself that little sparks of happiness were coming out my fingers as I knit. The base colour look white in the photo but is actually a light steely grey, which sets off the blue perfectly. More photos on my Ravelry page.
In other knitting, Rose is coming along and Vanda is done and has been worn already. Photos soon.

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