23 August 2009

Stash Enhancement

Very pretty enhancement it is too. Lovely Elayne had a de-stash social sale at her newly renovated home. Yarn and friends are my favourite combination.
Notice the departure from my usual jewel toned palette? I'm branching out! I'm adventurous! I chose beige!
We have Fibranatura Sea Song - 80% cotton, 20% seacell
and Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran, 50% Merino, 35% microfibre, 10% cashmere.
Don't know what they'll be yet. I'm just enjoying the view.

17 August 2009

A Crafty Puppy

I finally made it out to Wychcraft Market this past Saturday. It's the outdoor craft fair my friend Tracy runs every weekend. Yes, I was hoping to see some lovely handmade things, but honestly, the main purpose of the visit was to meet Pickles. She's Tracy's new puppy - half beagle, half bull dog. Have you ever seen anything cuter? I mean really!

Unfortunately, the weather was hot and hotter so passerby were few. Consequently, market business was very slow. Tracy, Pickles and I just sat on lawn chairs under a shade tree drinking juice (humans) and chewing bones (Pickles), and getting all caught up. It was quite a companionable afternoon.

13 August 2009


Art therapy? Then what the heck does this mean? Perhaps it's just that I like these colours. I know I like my plastic crayons.

06 August 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

So much for being near to completion. I just had to rip out most of the front panel after discovering a major error 40 rows ago. Argghh!

03 August 2009

Still A Knit Blog

Yes, Marin. I stole your phrase.

The knitting is going really well. Rose has temporarily been set aside while this cardy flies off the needles. Remarkably, the pattern is from Knitters magazine, a publication usually fug filled. Yet, every rule has an exception and this is it. I had been searching for a cotton cardigan pattern to use this recycled blue yarn when Village Yarns gave us all a Knitters back issue during the TTC Knitalong. This is Vanda from Summer 2008.

Knitting this piece has got me thinking about the process/product paradigm. Usually I knit process, often choosing a pattern just for the technique or the yarn. Sometimes, I knit product, slogging through a boring pattern to get to the desired finished article. This knit has been the best of both worlds. Working the detailing has been interesting and I love this shade of blue. At the same time, it's knitting up fast enough that I see great progress, which really keeps me motivated during the stocking stitch portion. I've only the left front panel to complete now, and all the pieces are done. Soon I'll be able to start putting it all together.