01 July 2009

A Secret Compartment

The funniest, most delightful thing happened to me last evening. I was working away on my Rose Sweater with the ever gorgeous Americo Cotton Flame (seriously, this stuff is too wonderful), when I discovered the secret compartment.
My most recent Secret Pal, Caroline from Montreal (What is your blog lovely lady?) sent me a final package months ago. I have been happily using one of her handmade stitch markers on Rose.

Note how cute it looks against the yummy yarn? Anyway... I reached into the box for a second marker and felt a lump in the tissue......

There was a second layer!!! Lying under all that wrapping, all those months, were these adorable earrings and bracelet! It's the secret smuggling compartment.
Caroline, I never thanked you for them because I did not know they were there. Hopefully, you still read my blog once in a while or check your SP email because I just love them and really want you to know about it. What a treat to find this hiding gift. I intend to wear the bracelet to the office tomorrow. I just can't get over this little bit of fun.

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MaiCarInMtl said...

Hey Yvette,

Please excuse my lengthy absence - I've been very, very busy with my upcoming engagement and various projects (too many projects, not enough free time).

I'm glad you liked the package (and the surprise jewelry). :)

My blog is : A figment of my existence. You once left a comment on there concerning my cat Pumpkin. And here I was worried you had already figured out who I was.