22 July 2009

I"m On Facebook for Exchanges Like This

Status Update:
Paul *
The Tories are just plain nasty. First Toronto Pride and now DiversCite. How anyone can vote for Stephen Harper's team boggles my mind: who renegs on 155K with 5 days notice???
Source: www.cbc.ca

"The fate of this year's Divers/Cité festival in Montreal was up in the air on Wednesday after the federal government said it would not approve funding for the event. "


i'm going to sue to stop the government from giving money to santa claus parades. how dare they give money to support a person that doesn't even exist! 11 hours ago
Yvette *
..Wiarton Festival also must be stopped. Lord only knows what's really going on with that Groundhog. 5 hours ago
Paul *
and winona peach fest?!?! puh-lease! that is a euphemism if ever there was one! 5 hours ago
Sean *
and those nasty drunk irish on st patricks day. they're papists followers of the whore of babylon! they must be stopped. 5 hours ago
John *
ROFL! ## Paul, I don't know these friends of yours, but I like 'em! 4 hours ago
Virginia *
Steve and his nasty gnomes are just jealous 'cause they can't dance and nobody ever invites 'em to the fun events

## I don't know what this means

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elisabetha said...

"Rolling On the Floor Laughing" is one of the interpretations, i believe ;)

ahh, facebook...