14 June 2009

Knitalong Haul

There simply must be rules to every game! Mine during the TTC Knitalong were as follows:
  • Buy one small thing at each store. The owners and staff went to some trouble to welcome us so the least I could do was support them with a bit of purchasing power.
  • Only buy something I've either never seen before, or am fairly certain I can't get elsewhere.

Thus we have the gorgeous faux leather namaste Buddy case. I knew it was mine the moment I saw it at Village Yarns - with it's magnetized bottom and interior divider. The only problem was choosing the colour. I ended up electing for the tan because it rather reminds me of my late Grandpa's shaving kit.
Next, at The Yarn Boutique, I got On Your Toes bamboo sock yarn and two lovely buttons. Yes, technically, I've seen this yarn before but never in mauve. At The Knit Cafe, I chose some Peace Fleece hand painted needles because the company philosophy is extra groovy.
Then...Americo...ah...Americo. I've never purchased their stuff before. It's so darned pricey! However, it was my birthday and no one else was buying me any presents. So,
"Happy Birthday Me. Here are three skeins of cotton and cotton/linen blend for you. Enough to knit the pullover. You know, the store sample that looked so fabulous on you?"
"Why yes, I do remember that luscious, light creation. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift."
"You're welcome".


5elementknitr said...

Happy Birthday!

I always buy myself yarny gifts on my own birthday, too!

elisabetha said...

ah, americo. someday, someday...

happy birthday! "you fully deserve it, i say"