29 May 2009

Those Clever Norwegians

My latest "thing": I've been buying odd saucers and bowls from The Goodwill. My OC, uber-analytical brain has even created rules about these purchases. There can be only one of the pattern for sale (I won't break a set) and it cannot be stamped "Made in China". Somehow, I always end up with the ones covered in roses 'n stuff. I worry that my aesthetic is becoming too girlie...or too Granny...because I worry about that kind of thing. I'm also concerned that my favourite item of clothing is my black leather jacket with all the buckles while, at the same time, I deeply adore the frou frou English saucer covered in red roses and gold paint trim. I believe this behaviour to be symptomatic of mental illness.

Anyway, check out the fantastic cereal bowl with the fisherman. It's made in Norway. Who knew the Norwegians made awesome crockery?


Heddy said...

Very nice dishes -- I like the fisherman (quite a unique piece), but I love the pinecone the most! I don't think your love of Frou-fou and leather with buckles is a sign of mental illness, but rather a sign of a thoroughly modern gal who has a respect for history and tradition (I'd worry more about you if you were into pink, lace, and tou-tous, and loved the china ;)

Yvette said...

The pine cone one is marked "Fine Translucent China - Japan".
I really lucked out finding Japanware in a Goodwill.