07 May 2009


So, the other night, I was to see an old friend. She was on the guest list of an event I was working. This is a woman who I know from married days and who I always quite liked. She, her husband and my ex are all linked professionally. We haven't seen each other in a while and I was looking forward to a chat.
Well, she arrived and I greeted her warmly. Response? Blank smile. Inane socially polite comment. Glazed "can't get out of here fast enough" expression.
I see.
We were only friends because I was "wife of".

I went to the woman's wedding for heaven's sake.

This has happened a few times now. It's one of the things nobody tells you to expect post separation. I won't say I'm hurt by it, just disappointed. Ultimately, it's the other person's stuff and that's OK. It's surprising how many people one gets a divorce from. It takes some getting used to.

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Heddy said...

People are really stupid! I am sorry you have had this experience, but it is pretty common (stupid, but common). When my parents got divorced, my mom got the house and most of their friends. She missed the ones who he "got" but realized that if they felt they had to choose between them, they weren't very good friends.