10 May 2009

Mudder's Day

It was a lovely day for two mothers today.
The Daughter woke me with tea in bed and we snuggled and sipped. Then, on the dining room table was this lovely gift of flowers, jewellery and adorable card. Ahh...

After lunch we made our planned trip to the Toronto Humane Society to populate this apartment with a cat. It was such a difficult decision to leave all three family cats at the house with the ex. They just love each other, not to mention their back garden, so much, that I couldn't stand to split them up. I miss them very much. Various factors have contributed to the continuous putting off of getting cats of my own - not the least of which was my hesitance to "replace" my beloved former herd.

Anyway, today was the day and off we went in search of a nice indoor singleton. Well plans never quite work out do they? We were drawn again and again to the cage of this Mother/Daughter duo. They'd been surrendered by their former owner about five weeks ago and were becoming depressed. They've lost weight and were losing hope. They needed out of there. Now they're hiding under The Daughter's bed but will let us stick our arm in and pat them. It will take some time, but us four girls are going to get along just fine.

Their original names are Mommy and Pooky. Unbearable. We've changed them to Molly and Lucy which we figure sound enough alike to keep the cats comfortable.

Welcome Lucy and Molly!

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Heddy said...

your new furry babies are lovely -- and sweet new names for them too! I think it is really awesome that you adopted a mom and her baby on Mother's Day 9and have been wondering what "Molly's" name was before she was a mother -- can you imagine naming a little new kitty "mommy"?). I can't wait to see pictures of them once they have settled into their new home.