24 May 2009

The Case of the Expensive Sock

Chatting with fellow knitters recently, the topic of the actual cost of knitted garments came up. Not only is the yarn often pricey, but one's labour hours added in means a hand knit sweater has an actual worth of several hundred dollars.
Using this logic, my one sock is worth about five hundred bucks. The yarn, FibraNature Yummy, only cost $10.00 on sale, but I've been working on this thing for months. It's my streetcar knit, back and forth morning and evening since there was snow on the ground. At one point, I had one sock complete, tried it on, hated the fit and ripped right back to the cuff to start again. I made a tricky pattern adjustment and started again. Now Sock One is complete, but for the grafting and Sock 2 is at the heel flap. Whew.

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