09 April 2009

Yarn Break

Argghhh!!! Work is eating my brain. My creativity and enjoyment of colour is being sucked out by my ears with a straw. Excel files and email are causing cancer.
So, imagine my delight upon coming home on Tuesday to this giant parcel on my stoop. It's from my lovely SP 13. Looked at all those gifties wrapped in pretty tissue with candies and teabags to fill in the gaps. If that doesn't cheer a tired little knitter's heart, nothing can.

The only good photo I managed of the contents is this one. Apparently, the camera gods are against me too. No matter. Just trust that there was coffee, bath bombs and gorgeous hand made stitch markers in the lot. Observe the collection of whimsical craft paper. It's too pretty to touch. I think I'll need to take a course first. The yarn includes three skeins of Frogtree alpaca that feels, when cradled together, like a litter of newborn pups. The two skeins of Briggs and Little appeal to my appreciation of good Canadian sense. I've never handled the sport weight before and find it surprisingly supple. I also love that the purple is a B&L colour I already have in a bulky. Wonder if there's any way to use the two together?

Thank you sooo much Caroline! I can't find reference to your blog in the parcel. Let me know what it is so I can learn more about you and your knitting

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Heddy said...

Nice parcel! The yarns are all gorgeous! and I like the look of the henna candle, too.