28 March 2009

No Knitting or Anything Else

Blog less, journal-less and devoid of personal contact. It's all been about work the past few weeks. There have been long, crazy hours and that's OK. Sometimes, life is like that. It feels like there's a Pause button that has been pushed and everything stops except the hours and hours of getting the job done. It feels pointless at times except that it's not. The point is the paycheque.

I work with several young people at the beginning of their careers and also, successful mid-career people in my age range. To these people, their jobs are their lives. It appears that so much of their self-worth is wrapped up in what they do at the office. It makes me feel apart from my coworkers. I could understand that attitude if one was a doctor or a poet, but I generate sales reports and sell tickets. My job supports my life. I've come to realize that this is why I lack career ambition and am not more financially successful. That's OK too.

It's a beautiful morning here and it's my first day off in two weeks. The Daughter just woke up and I'm finishing my second cup of coffee while I write this. I'm taking the Pause button off today.

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