31 March 2009

I knit the cutest pair of booties for a friend then promptly wrapped them without taking a photo.

I'm right now, touching up my stupid gray roots because I've discovered, after much research, that I cannot afford to have my hair professionally transitioned back to it's natural colour. This reinforces what I always used to say about covering the gray. Once you start, you're stuck. Shoulda listened to myself.

My boss wants me to start coming in an hour earlier every day to catch up on the data entry. Said data entry is behind because the data base has been crashing since November. November. Now I, who already eats my lunch at my desk while working, am supposed to work an even longer day? I think not.

OK, really, I'm not that cranky. There's good stuff going on too. I have a new MP3 player. It's blue.

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not an artist said...

Adam will save you from the crashing database, I hope.