15 February 2009

Sunday, Long Weekend

It's been a lovely Sunday and I don't have to work tomorrow! Happy Family Day to Ontarians.
Mind you, I just loathe the decision to name the new statutory holiday for "families". What if you're alone? Do single people really need another event to remind them that somehow their lifestyle is not quite right? The whole thing smacks of conservative political posturing. OK, you can have another holiday but it's to spend with your family. It benefits "working families". It's a "kitchen table" issue. It's about values.
OK, enough ranting. I feel better now.

I spent part of today with some of my knitting family at an impromptu S 'n' B. The talk was free flowing even if the knitting wasn't. Here's Tracey in her kooky and fabulous hood that she whipped up with no pattern. After all that knitting and coffee I ended up knocking on the door of of some other old friends as I passed. I haven't seen them since Christmas and, thankfully, they were home. So there was more talk, with more dear friends. Then it was a trip to my favourite locally run grocery store to stroll along the aisles choosing things from their wide selection of organic and vegetarian stock. Now, I'm waiting for The Daughter and her friend to return from dinner at a nearby restaurant. Then it's a teenage girl sleepover.
This all seems to me to make a pretty sweet Sunday. I'm feeling really happy right now at just how nice a day can be. I'm having major work stress these days but somehow, it doesn't seem to matter so much today.

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