10 January 2009

UFO Round Up

I've broken my own rule about having no more than three projects on the needles at one time. Here we have two pairs of gloves from Robin's book plus Meret, cast on with Earth Collection Rainshadow. Then I remembered the leaf tank languishing next to the rocking chair. It only needs straps and seaming. Then, there was the recollection of the beaded shrug, shoved in a pique of frustration, into a drawer months ago. That one may be destined for the frog pond.
So, the goal this weekend is to finish the tank. You're my witnesses to this intention. One good movie on TV should be all it takes. I wonder what's on Saturday Night At The Movies?

Isn't this pretty? It's some handspun I bought on Ebay years ago and forgot about. It's slowly becoming Glaistig. I normally don't knit with neutrals, but the multiple, tiny, flecks of colour and great texture are making this yarn a joy to work.


alt.ayu said...

oh i'm on the verge of starting something new too although I already have 3 projects... :( I'm known to have many projects but it's been awhile since I've been hit by startitis!

I do love how the handspun looks, I think it'll knit up great!! :)

Scheherazaad said...

Happy New Year. Email me and I will send you a modern pattern using the lace stitch in your December 21st post. If you don't have my email PM me on Ravelry.