04 January 2009

New Year

Well, Michelle posted a serious looking list. Seriously ambitious. I don't think I'm up to that...

I have one resolution. I decided it was best to make only one and that it should be sensible and attainable. I am going to greatly reduce the amount of take-out coffee I drink. This is huge for me as Second Cup is my one remaining luxury in my otherwise frugal existence. It's tasty and I love it. It's also $2 a cup. I'll not eliminate it completely but cut back to twice a week instead of every day. That's the money part of the plan. When I do buy it, I shall remember to bring my travel mug. That's the green part of the plan. Good plan, n'est pas?

Other than that I have intentions. I intend to continue my attempts at keeping open and free and accepting the goodness the universe has to offer. My Freewill Astrology horoscopes for the upcoming year are all about, taking journeys, attracting positive people, and "thinking outside the boxes that all the outside-the-box thinkers customarily think inside". This is a direction in which I was pointing anyway but it's nice to have the reinforcement. Laugh if you like at my belief in this astrology. It was right on the money last year, so I'll stick with it:

"How do you numb your pain, Gemini? In 2008, I suggest that you do that less than you ever have before. Instead, launch a fierce, relentless campaign to heal the pain so that you no longer have to numb it. The astrological omens say that if you establish that as your intention, you will attract into your life the helpers and inspiration you need to make it happen. More than that: You'll be likely to generate the kind of good fortune that will render at least some of the pain obsolete. "

This was written 12 months ago for the upcoming 2008. As someone who spent most of the Christmas season last year either crying or passed out drunk, it spoke to me. Hmm...wonder why? This Christmas night found me alone but sober. I listened to a lovely concert on CBC and read knitting magazines. I drank tea and planned my next project. It was quiet but nice. Better than last year. "I'm better than I was", I tell myself whenever the temptation of self-pity arises. I stayed sober the entire holiday (December 22 and my lost mittens don't count! Too early.) I had brunch with knitters. Twice! The Daughter and I visited my much loved Aunt and Uncle and listened to their hilarious stories. We walked in High Park and talked to the llamas. See? Positive people. Inspiration. Good fortune.
May 2009 bring more of the same. To all of us.

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Not An Artist said...

Ok but keep in mind, some of the items on my l-o-n-g list were things like "buy a mop".

Cutting back on the take-out coffees is an awesome goal for 2009. We did the same thing last year and it was amazing how much more money we suddenly had!