26 January 2009

Blocking Meret

Here we have The Daughter's requested slouchy beret, aka Meret, blocking in the recommended manner; on a large dinner plate. I've surrounded it with some other favourite round things. Above is my Kromex brushed aluminum. The canisters were my grandma's and the salt/pepper were purchased for me by my sister at a flea market.
What I love particularly about the hat in this picture, is how the stitches mimic the pattern in my favourite Depression glass piece. That's the Jeanette Company, Windsor Diamond pattern footed dish. At one time, I displayed it with my other pink glass on a shelf. After my move to the apartment I decided to start using my collected pieces rather than just displaying them. Thus, the sugar bowl sits in the bathroom dispensing cotton swabs, the candy dish holds actual candy and this bowl sits on the counter and holds the garlic cloves. I find I'm enjoying my collection so much more this way.
I didn't actually notice the hat's similarity to the dish until I put the knitting up to be blocked on the kitchen counter. Remarkable.


Marin (AntiM) said...

That is a very pretty beret in the middle of a very pretty pictre.

I'm kinda awestruck.

Sherrill said...

Beautiful! I love the hat and your canister set.