09 December 2008

Poetry to Fill Some Space

I'm hating all over my job these days and that threatens to diminish my pleasure in the rest of my life.
My daughter continues to grow into a beautiful person. My apartment is tidy. Christmas is approaching and I look forward to a holiday season of no expectations. The trees on my street are lovely to pass every day on the way to the streetcar.

'My heart went fluttering with fear
Lest you should go, and leave me here.
To beat my breast and rock my head
And stretch me sleepless on my bed.
Ah, clear they see and true they say
That one shall weep, and one shall stray
For such is Love's unvarying law.
I never thought, I never saw
That I should be the first to go;
How pleasant that it happened so!

Dorothy Parker
Collected Poems: Not So Deep As A Well
MacMillan 1936.

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