21 December 2008

O Secret Pal, O Secret Pal. How Lovely Are Your Branches.

I picked up a parcel from my O So Lovely Secret Pal yesterday then went directly to a coffee shop for latte and package opening. So pretty! She gifted me some gorgeous sheets of craft paper and one hilarious fridge magnet.

Check out these fun vintage knitting patterns she sent. I'm quite intrigued by the lace pattern in the knitted suit and am wondering how it could be used in a more updated way. The ladder lace of the second sweater is very reminiscent of the Knitting Lingerie Style top I finished last year. Just goes to show that a good idea never goes out of style.

There was also a bag of AMAZING hazelnut coffee grinds. I had two cups for breakfast this morning. I'm in love. The paper bag still sits on my kitchen counter. I know I should put it in the fridge but the wonderful aroma fills the apartment and I want that to continue just a bit longer.
Thanks a million Itsa Secret. Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked your package! I'll send you the PDFs of the patterns tonight. ;-) For the skirt and top ensemble, I simply loved the top because of the little peekaboo sleeves at the shoulders. It would be very classy if made in black with a few beads or even in a rich purple.

Wishing you and your daughter very happy holidays!


5elementknitr said...

How funny - Itsa Secret is the same name my SP13 pal is using!

You should pour a bit of that coffee in a little bowl and leave it on your counter - yummmmmmm

alt.ayu said...

Happy Holidays to you too!!
Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2009 ahead!!