13 December 2008

In Which I Fall Into the Trap

I appear to have slipped unwittingly into the Christmas knitting trap. It began with the shawl, knitted for the sake of knitting the lace. Upon deciding that it would be gifted to a niece, I then knit wrist warmers for niece #2. The next step was knitting these two washcloths for my two sisters. Economy dictated this decision. I just grabbed some stash cotton and "whipped em up". I'll be wrapping the cloths around some lovely, handmade soaps that I purchased at a craft show. Now, there's one nephew left. It would seem wrong to give knitted gifts to all except him. Thus I am madly knitting a pair of mittens.
The ridiculous part? I see them all TOMORROW. My sister is hosting an early Christmas dinner for the family because she's working over the actual holiday dates. I've still got one mitten to go and I'm working today. I don't even want to think about the late night gift wrapping I'll be doing tonight.
The men in the family are getting booze.

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5elementknitr said...

Sounds like you could use some booze, too!

Good luck!