26 December 2008

I Shall Box

Tomorrow is the annual Boxing Day sale at Romni. I worked on that day last year, so I feel entirely justified in attending the 2008 version. This little knitten kitten needs a swift.
It's also high time I had a serious wrap-style, woolly cardigan. I'm thinking of Forestry from Fall 2008 Vogue Knitting. It's a bit daunting but if I go slow and steady, I'm sure I'm up to it. There are several luscious cardis in that issue. Regardless, I'll need about 11-1200 metres of a good winter yarn. I wonder if there's anything I can afford?
In sadder news, while toasting the season the other night at the local pub, I was separated from one of my beautiful Plush mittens. I stopped in this evening on my way home from work. It's not in the lost and found. Le sigh...

1 comment:

Not An Artist said...

Oooh great sweater. I'm too sick to boxing day shop, sadly. Best of luck with the yarn deals!