03 December 2008

Filigree, Filigraa ha ha ha....

Pattern: Filigree from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves
Designer: Robin Melanson
Yarn: Scheepjes Softfun, 60% Cotton, 40% acrylic
I can't find any references to the yarn anywhere. I believe it may be discontinued which is unfortunate indeed.
Modifications: This yarn is a bit lighter than the one called for so I had to use smaller needles to get a neat lace and knit the largest size to get gauge.

Still loving this book. This is the third pattern I've knit from it. These are super quick yet look so stylish and advanced. Yay for deception! I don't think I knit the lace exactly as intended as it looks quite different from the book's photos. However, I figure as long as I keep making the same mistake, it goes from error to design element.

These are destined as a Christmas gift for the other niece. The great thing is, though they took three days rather than the year spent on her sister's stole, they look just as fabulous. I suspect they'll be worn more as well.


Heddy said...

Very nice! The colur really shows off the pattern well.

Yay! to you for finishing some Christmas Knitting

Sherrill said...

oooolala...I like! :)