11 October 2008


How do you spend your Saturday nights? Last Saturday, my main activity was this:

Stash sorting! I am not embarrassed to admit that it was one of the most enjoyable evenings I've had in a long while. I dumped all the various boxes, baskets and bags onto a sheet on the living room floor and went to town. My! I own a bit of yarn!

I sorted by fibre; cotton, wool, and blends. Later talking to other knitters I heard of some who sort by colour and others by weight.

I've been buying quite a few sheet sets lately what with the move and two new beds. I kept the clear plastic bags they came in. You know the kind. Some have snaps. Some have zippers. Well, they are excellent yarn storage bags. Recycle baby!


koko puff said...

I totally understand what a fun evening that would be!!! I sort by weight/type - that work's for me. But since my bins are clear I can see all the colours. Who knows, it is a new system, maybe I'll change it up one Saturday night!

I'd love to hear the details of your treasures.

alt.ayu said...

I try to sort by weight too but it's since gone a little out of hand recently :) I put mine on a shelf in clear bags so I can see most of them at a glance although I must admit some are hiding behind other yarns~!

I think my lily of the valley project was basically just tedious for me. I chose a pattern that i could memorize but in the end it bored me so much it took so long to move on. I didn't like knitting the borders since it seems terribly endless, but I did tell myself that I'm knitting the Queen Anne's lace now so what's there to complain? :) I do agree with you that the border looks gorgeous after blocking so borders haven't thrown me off completely! :D

Susan said...

Can I come over to your house & play????

Abby said...

You have made me realize what a teeny, tiny stash I have. Thanks for the permission to SHOP!!