28 September 2008

Sunday In The Park

All parents know what it's like to emerge from a child's illness. Three days and nights spent indoors with a feverish, sad offspring can't help but be disorienting. The making of broth, the sleep interrupted by night time thermometer and medicine, the tissues and cartoons (yes there are still cartoons in the teens when a fever is involved). One comes out the other side groggy and often, as is my case, sick oneself.
So this Sunday I have not done any of things I had considered doing. I did not attend Word on the Street, or the St. Clair Art Walk or car free Sunday in Kensington Market. A short walk in neighbouring High Park with my knitting was all I could manage before running back home to another nap.

I've been working today on the lace stole I started last summer. It's almost as long as I am now. I believe one more pattern repeat of 12 rows should do it. Then, finally, it's time to cast off, soak and block.


koko puff said...

Glad Leah is better. The stole is beautiful - I've enjoyed seeing it as it "grew up" and can't wait to see it done!

lucianap said...

Very pretty!