20 September 2008


Well, the business cards arrived. They're very pretty and such but my name is mispelled in the email line - rendering them somewhat useless.



Anonymous said...

That sucks! Was it the printers fault? If they didn'ty give you a proof, maybe you can get them to do a reprint?

If it was just an oversight by you or your supervisor, maybe just tell the peopel you give them to that since the cards were printed, you changed your name -- and give them the correct spelling ;)

I once had a rubber stamp made that was supposed to say "Enjoy your complimentary Issue" and the font I chose, which I liked but didn't really look at with the fresh eyes of someone who didn't know what the stamp said, wound up looking like it said "Enjoy your Complimentary Jesus". Yeah ... Jesus! The company still uses the stamp, and that happened about 8 years ago!

Anonymous said...

oops ... that post is from me -- your secret pal!